How Do You Play White Elephant With Dice?

How does a white elephant party work?

White elephant is a gift exchange, so each person must bring one wrapped present to the Christmas party.

The person with number “one” chooses a present to unwrap.

The person with number “two” has a choice: They may choose a new, wrapped present, or they may take the unwrapped present from the first person..

How do you play steal the gift?

The game continues with the following rules:If someone steals your gift, you can steal someone else’s gift or choose and open a wrapped one.Continue until everyone has had a turn for a gift. … A gift can only be “stolen” once during a turn. … A gift cannot be immediately stolen back from the player who just stole it.More items…

How can I speed up white elephant gift exchange?

Fortunately, there are lots of ways to speed up a White Elephant gift exchange. The most obvious is to set rules on the amount of stealing per turn. A more extreme option is to have participants swap unopened gifts, which takes some of the fun out of stealing, but saves all that time-consuming unwrapping for the end.

What are the rules of white elephant?

Basic White Elephant RulesEach Player Must Bring One White Elephant Gift. Everyone bring a gift to the party. … Gifts Must Be Wrapped. … Players Must Open And Steal Gifts Orderly. … No Immediate Re-Stealing. … Each Player Walks Away With Final Gift They Are Holding.

How do you win white elephant?

Let’s be clear, winning white elephant is not about getting the best gift, its about giving the best gift. You win by bringing the gift that gets stolen so many times, it goes out of play and the final recipient grins gleefully while several people shoot them looks of mock violence.

What is a good gift for white elephant?

32 White Elephant Gifts That Everyone Will Literally Be Fighting OverBreakfast Sandwich Maker.Snoop Dog Cookbook.Pizza Socks.Air Popper.Microwave Smores Maker.Smell My Nuts Candle.Fun Ramen Bowl.Master Crapsman.More items…•

How do you do a secret gift exchange?

Here are the steps for hosting a traditional Secret Santa game in-person:Write down each name on a piece of paper. … Have everyone write down a gift suggestion or two. … Draw names to randomly assign a Secret Santa to each player. … Plan a gift exchange party. … Guess who drew your name.

How do you make white elephant more fun?

5 Ways to Add Sparkle to Your White Elephant PartyPick a gift theme. One excellent way to spice things up is to have people bring gifts that fit a particular theme. … Employ different game rules. There are roughly a zillion different ways to play White Elephant. … Hold an ugly sweater contest. … Rent a karaoke machine. … Break out the Christmas games.

How do you play gift exchange with dice?

DICE GAME FOR GIFT EXCHANGE RULES The first person rolls the dice. Whatever number they roll is what they do with their gift. Continue taking turns until everyone has played. Each person keeps the Christmas present they have in their hands when all the rounds are finished.

What are the rules for Chinese gift exchange?

The rules go something like this:Everybody brings one gift, wrapped. … It’s not a bad idea for a few people to bring an extra item in case somebody else hasn’t gotten clued in,Pile all the gifts in one place (and make sure they don’t get mixed up with other gifts in the host’s house).More items…

How do you play white elephant for kids?

How To Play The White Elephant Gift Game with KidsThe players’ names go into a hat and the organizer draws them in the order they will take their turn. … The first player selects a gift from the pile and unwraps it, showing it to the entire group.The second player now has a choice to make.More items…•

Why is it called white elephant?

The term white elephant refers to an extravagant, impractical gift that cannot be easily disposed of. The phrase is said to come from the historic practice of the King of Siam (now Thailand) giving rare albino elephants to courtiers who had displeased him, so that they might be ruined by the animals’ upkeep costs.