How Do You Use Increase?

How do you use increase in a sentence?

[S] [T] Crime is on the increase.

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[S] [T] I want to increase my vocabulary.

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[S] [T] The price of everything increased.

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[S] [T] He demanded that his salary be increased.

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[S] [T] The workers asked for an increase in pay.

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[S] [T] They announced an increase in tuition fees.

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Does Increase Mean add or multiply?

Addition-sum, altogether, all, in all, together, total, total number, add, increase, increased by, more than. Subtraction-minus, greater than, take away, fewer than, less than, subtract, decreased by. Multiplication-product, multiply, multiplied by, times.

What is decrease and increase?

When used as nouns, decrease means an amount by which a quantity is decreased, whereas increase means an amount by which a quantity is increased. When used as verbs, decrease means of a quantity, to become smaller, whereas increase means (of a quantity, etc.) to become larger or greater.

What is the meaning of increasing rapidly?

vb. 1 add to, advance, aggrandize, amplify, augment, boost, build up, develop, dilate, enhance, enlarge, escalate, expand, extend, grow, heighten, inflate, intensify, magnify, mount, multiply, proliferate, prolong, raise, snowball, spread, step up (informal) strengthen, swell, wax.

Does Increase Mean go up or down?

The noun increase indicates growth of something that gets bigger in number or volume. When used as a verb, it means the act of growing or gaining more. However it’s used, it refers to something that has gotten bigger. Anything that can add on can increase.

What does increase in value mean?

Increase in Value means the difference between the Appraised Value of a property at the time of funding a Mortgage Loan and the Appraised Value of such property (or the fair market value of the consideration received in the case of a sale) upon the earlier of the maturity of the Mortgage Loan or the sale or refinancing …

What is a increase?

English Language Learners Definition of increase : the act of becoming larger or of making something larger or greater in size, amount, number, etc. : the amount by which something is made larger or greater.

What is increase in math?

To increase a number is to add something (positive) to it. If I say “increase 3.7 by 1/10” (or, more often, “by 10%”), I mean to add a tenth OF 3.7 TO 3.7. That is, 1/10 of 3.7 is 0.37, and I want to increase 3.7 by that amount: 3.7 + 0.37 = 4.07.

What is the verb of learn?

Learnt and learned are both used as the past participle and past tense of the verb to learn. Learned is the generally accepted way of spelling it in the United States and Canada, while the rest of the English-speaking world seems to prefer learnt for now.

What is increase by?

Increase by means to take an amount and add another specified amount to it. For example, take one apple, and increase by five. So you have 1, then you add +5 apples.

What type of word is increase?

verb (used with object), in·creased, in·creas·ing. to make greater, as in number, size, strength, or quality; augment; add to: to increase taxes.

What is the mean of increasing?

adjective. growing larger or greater; enlarging; augmenting.

What is the formula for increase?

First: work out the difference (increase) between the two numbers you are comparing. Then: divide the increase by the original number and multiply the answer by 100. % increase = Increase ÷ Original Number × 100. If your answer is a negative number, then this is a percentage decrease.

What type of verb is increased?

An ergative verb is a verb that can be either transitive or intransitive. However, when it is intransitive, its subject corresponds to its direct object when transitive. This particularly important when the passive is used. An example is “increase”.

Is increasing getting bigger or smaller?

1. To become greater or larger. 2. To multiply; reproduce.