Question: How Do I Restore Sanity In Yandere Simulator?

How do you trip in Yandere Simulator 2020?

Press RB to trip and fall down while walking or running while carrying a bucket..

How do you teleport in Yandere simulator?

Okay, you can only teleport to certain places. Open the debug menu, then press a number on the keyboard from 6 to 9. 6 is behind the fountain, 7 is in the classroom (or the gates if school has ended), 8 is the tape player in the Gaming Clubroom and 9 is the rooftop.

Why is Yandere simulator so bad?

Yandere Simulator suffers from extremely poor optimization. This is due to the game’s coding and assets with unnecessary amount of polygons, which is riddled with beginner mistakes such as overuse of “else ifs” and using way too many code lines in Update, which is a method that updates every frame.

Is Yandere simulator ever going to be finished?

YandereDev has been developing Yandere Simulator since April 2014, and while he does publish progress videos and updated builds of the game on a regular basis, it does not seem anywhere close to being finished.

Can you get Yandere simulator on iPhone?

It is extremely unlikely that a mobile device such as an iPhone or Android could ever run the full version of Yandere Simulator. In order to run on a mobile device, the game would have to be simplified so much that it wouldn’t even be the same game anymore.