Question: What Is Another Word For Street Smart?

What is considered street smart?

To be street smart means you have situational awareness.

You can assess the environment you are in, who is in it, and what the available angles are.

Being on the street, or in the trenches, or whatever low to the ground metaphor you prefer, requires you learn to trust your own judgment about people and what matters..

What is an example of street smarts?

“Having street smarts means knowing how to respond in different situations … and paying attention to your surroundings.” It also means acknowledging worst-case scenarios and then taking steps to prevent them — in the most casual way possible.

How can you tell if someone is street smart?

A street smart person has high emotional and situational intelligence. They know when bad guys are about to kick off and start something. They know when to stand up for themselves and when they’re in over their head and need to exit. They are always alert, but not to the point of freaking out for no reason.

What is another word for street?


What is the opposite of street?

What is the opposite of street?detourbypasscircumventiondeflectiondivagationalternate routealternative routeback roadcircuitous routecircumbendibus6 more rows

Is book smart better than street smart?

What Are Book Smarts and Street Smarts? Simply put, a person who has book smarts is someone who is intelligent and well educated academically. … Street-smart people are unintelligent and incapable of achieving a higher education, but are more passionate and can usually find an answer to a problem through trial and error.

What does being street wise mean?

: possessing the skills and attitudes necessary to survive in a difficult or dangerous situation or environment.

What is another term for Street Smarts?

Words related to street-smart hardened, astute, cunning, experienced, on the ball, quick-witted, savvy, seasoned, shrewd, worldly, streetwise.

Is it better to be street smart or book smart?

Book-smart people are well-read. … People who have street-smarts may not have read as many books or earned college degrees. But they have something just as valuable – the ability to use their experiences in many different situations. They are very aware of their surroundings.

Are street smarts and common sense the same?

Street smarts is having the experience and knowledge necessary to deal with the potential difficulties or dangers of life in an urban environment. So, what is Common Sense. Your common sense is your natural ability to make good judgments and to behave in a practical and sensible way.

How do people become street smart in life?

Get different perspectives. Having access to more people’s thoughts will give you a better idea of how people think and what’s going on out there. Don’t just keep to yourself; ask people for advice and opinions. Increase your points of reference by tapping into people’s knowledge.

Is intelligence the same as smart?

For many people, there is no difference between smart and intelligent, because the words seem to be interchangeable. … Intelligence, on the other hand, is something with which you are born. Your IQ is a measurement of your intelligence, and doesn’t change because it is a measure of your ability to learn.

What are types of smart?

Gardner’s theory says that there are at least eight different intelligences: linguistic (word smart), logical-mathematical (numbers and reasoning smart), spatial (picture smart), musical (music smart), bodily-kinesthetic (body smart)), interpersonal (people smart), intrapersonal…

Is being street smart good?

Being street smart means you have a good environmental or situational understanding. You know what’s going on around you. More importantly, you can see what’s happening around you. You are able to make judgments on the scenario, the place, and people around you, and you are able to trust these personal judgments.

What’s the opposite of straight?

What is the opposite of straight?windingcircuitouswindyzigzagcoilingcurledcurlingcurvedcurvygyrating25 more rows

What is the opposite of grasp?

What is the opposite of grasp?releasefailrelinquishliberaterejectlet go ofunhandsurrenderdropunloosen23 more rows

Is street smart offensive?

“Street-smart” is a term that well predates me; my father would use it to describe anyone who knew how to get things done in this hardscrabble world. It is not derogatory.