Question: What Was Anil’S Age?

What was Anil age class 10th?

The story is about a 15-year-old thief who changes his name every month to stay ahead of the police and old employers.

This time he kept his name Hari Singh.

The other person in the story is a 25 year old writer named Anil..

What was Anil doing when the boy met him?

Answer. Answer: Anil was watching a wrestling match!

Who was the most trusting person narrator ever met?

AnilAnil was the most trusting person he had ever met.

Who did Mandela want thank couldn t?

Mandela wanted to thank all the African patriots who no longer exist. Mandela said he was only the sum of all those African patriots.

Who is Mandela not free class 10?

No, Mandela does not think that the oppressor is free. According to him, an oppressor is a prisoner of hatred, who is locked behind the bars of prejudice and narrow-mindedness. A person is not truly free if he is taking away someone else’s freedom.

Who do you blame for Tricki’s illness?

Pumphrey, Tricki’s owner, was responsible for Tricki’s condition. She was a rich lady and spent a lot of money on buying expensive food items for Tricki. She made him eat so much that he fell ill. She also provided all the luxury to the dog and never made him do any exercise.

What did Mrs Pumphrey bring at first?

Answer. Answer: Mrs Pumphrey gave her malt, cod-liver oil and bowl of Horlicks.

Who is Mandela not free?

Answer: In the words of Nelson Mandela, “To be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.”

Was tricky happy on seeing Mrs Pumphrey?

Yes, Tricki was very happy to go home. It jumped out of the narrator’s arms and leaped into Mrs Pumphrey’s lap as soon as it saw her. It licked her and barked. After this, if Mrs Pumphrey takes good care of the dog and does not feed it a lot, it will be as healthy as it is at the end of the story.

What was the name of Mrs Pumphrey dog?

TrickiMrs Pumphrey: Mrs Pumphrey is a fabulously rich and resourceful lady with a large number of servants and maids. She is passionately attached to her little pet dog, Tricki. She is much worried about Tricki’s miserable condition. Tricki had become hugely fat and listless.

Why did Hari not make friends?

Hari Singh did not made friends with anyone because he robbed everyone and he got away by any train he could get available at that time. His robbery plans are well planed with time and if he made friends he would not rob him or her he made a friend hence it would make his job more difficult and time consuming.

What was Anil’s profession?

writerAnil was a writer by profession. He earned money by fits and starts.

Did Anil say anything about the robbery?

Answer: Yes, Anil had realized that he had been robbed. He knew this probably because all the notes were wet and damp from the rain. However, he did not say anything to the thief and behaved normally.

Why does Harry return the money?

hari singh decided to return the money because he had missed the train and was stuck in the rain. he knew nobody other than Anil. Anil was also going to teach him how to write whole, Hari singh returned to Anil.

Why does Hari return the money?

Hari Sign returns back to Anil because he shows his positive attitude after committing so many crimes. He actually realises his mistakes and understands Anil’s love towards him. It shows that the caring nature of Anil changes the mind and heart of Hari Singh, and that is how he returns back.

What according to Mandela is the greatest wealth of South Africa?

Nelson Mandela – Long Walk To Freedom. According to Mandela, what is the greatest wealth of a country? The greatest wealth of his country is its people, who are finer and truer than the purest diamonds.

Did Anil make much money?

Anil used to make money in a very unusual way. He had no regular source of income as he used to make a living by writing for magazines occasionally. Also as a side business he used to borrow money one week and lend it the following week.