Quick Answer: Can 2 Level 5 Lightning Spells Destroy Air Defense?

Can 2 lightning spells destroy air Defence?

If you use your own Lightning Spells, you need to use 4 Lightning Spells in order to kill an Air defense.

A donated max Lightning spell allows you to kill an Air Defense with 3 Lightning Spells (2 of your own, 1 donated)..

How many lightning spells destroy air defense?

At Town Hall 8, a level 6 Air Defense can be destroyed with 4 level 5 Lightning Spells if done properly, thus making room for an extra Rage Spell that will dramatically improve mass Dragon attacks.

Can 3 earthquake spells destroy walls?

Level 3- A level 3 earthquake spell does 10% of damage on structures and 40% on walls. So you need 3 of them to destroy the wall(No, 20% will be too much to waive off, so you still need 3 spells and not 2).

Can 2 Level 6 Lightning spell destroy a Level 6 air defense?

An initial level quake and 2 lvl 5 lightning spells are enough to destroy a level 5 or 6 ad. … Therefore, 1 lvl 1 earthquake and 2 lvl 5 lightning will do 1050 (or slightly more) damage, which is just enough to take down a lvl 6 air defense.

How many lightning does it take to destroy inferno?

It takes 3 maxed Lightning Spells to take down an initial level Inferno Tower.

Can you destroy eagle artillery with spells?

An Eagle Artillery can be destroyed by 6 level 8 Lightning Spells and 1 level 5 Earthquake Spell, and this is commonly used in Zap Lalo or hybrid armies. Don’t place all your troops in one area. … Bat Spells are effective against the Eagle Artillery.

Can you destroy a town hall with spells?

No, the percent is based on remaining health. Each spell does less damage.

Is lightning spell worth upgrading?

General — Is it worth upgrading the Lightning spell Yes, if you want to destroy a TH7 with 5 level 7 lightning spells and one earthquake. Otherwise, no need. Yes, if you want to destroy a TH7 with 5 level 7 lightning spells and one earthquake. Otherwise, no need.

Can earthquake spells destroy town hall?

The Earthquake Spell is a spell added in the July 1, 2015 update. … A level 10 Town Hall cannot be destroyed with this spell, but its health can be pulled down to 1,275 hit points using 1 Earthquake Spell and 5 Lightning Spells.

Can 2 Level 4 Lightning spells destroy a Level 5 Air Defense?

Probably. Your positioning of the spells will have to be pretty precise, but it is likely you can destroy both adjacent level 5 air defense towers (1000 hp each) with 3 level 4 lightning spells (390 damage each, 1170 total damage).

Can you do 2 Level 4 Lightning spells?

They wont. No. Each lvl 4 lightning deal 390 damage, while lvl 4 AD has 950 hp.

How many lightning spells does it take to destroy a level 7 air defense?

2 x lvl 6 lightning + 1 EQ takes out lvl 7 AD.

How do you destroy air defense level 6?

A level 6 AD can be destroyed by 2 lightning Spell( level 5/6) and one level 1 EQ spell.

How do you destroy air defense level 10?

You CANNOT destroy a lvl 10 air defense using lightning strike, so basically when you’re th12 you will not use the lightning never again because is = garbage. _ 4 lightning spells, 1 rage and freeze spell.

Can you destroy a clan castle with lightning spells?

[Strategy] 5 max lightning spells and 1 earthquake spell can completely destroy a clan castle!!! Well. You can use 11 slots to destroy the cc. Or you can bring 1-2 poisons and accomplish the same task.

What can level 7 Lightning spell destroy?

To answer your question, the level 7 lightning spell does 660 damage over the course of 6 strikes, and the level 9 air defense has 1300 hit-points. So 2 lightning spells can take out a level 9 air defense, but must be placed over the air defense directly.