Quick Answer: Which Is The Easiest Russell Group University To Get Into?

Do employers prefer Russell Group universities?

The Russell Group of universities.

The Russell Group is essentially a club of 24 UK universities that are very well respected for their research.

Employers are typically keen to take on graduates from these universities..

Is the Russell Group prestigious?

A prestigious collection of universities, The Russell Group list is often considered to be the gold standard of academia in the UK; they frequently hit the highest standards of academic, sporting and research excellence.

What is the difference between red brick and Russell Group universities?

Redbrick is a term that was created by Edgar Allison Peers a Spanish Professor at the University of Liverpool. … Russell Group on the other hand, refers to a group of 24 elite universities which are committed to research and academic standards.

Is Kings hard to get into?

Easy to get into? Definitely not- King’s attracts the brightest of cookies and most courses are very competitive. Many ask for A* grades at A-level but requirements do vary. Vital statistics: King’s has more than 25,000 students- of whom over 10,000 are postgrads, according to the most recent figures in 2012/13.

What universities are part of the Russell group?

List of Russell Group universitiesUniversity of Birmingham.University of Bristol.University of Cambridge.Cardiff University.Durham University.University of Edinburgh.University of Exeter.University of Glasgow.More items…•

Does it matter if you go to a Russell Group university?

It all depends on your degree and industry. Truth be told, most employers care more about your skill and suitability for the job, rather than the university you attended. The vast majority of employers won’t mind if your university is not in the Russell Group or even in the top 20 or 30 universities in the UK.

What grades do you need to get into a Russell Group universities?

4. GCSEs may limit the universities you can apply to. Some of the top academic universities (often belonging to the Russell group) will ask for very high A-level grades – AAB or higher – for most courses.

Do you need a language GCSE to get into a Russell Group university?

The Russell universities make their admissions offers based on three A-level grades. … With the exception of English and maths, and in a few universities, a modern foreign language, the Russell Group does not have any universal entry requirements of GCSE subjects.

WHAT A levels do Russell Group universities prefer?

The Russell Group, which represents 24 leading UK universities, defines facilitating subjects as:English literature.History.Modern languages – e.g. French, German, Spanish etc.Classical languages – e.g. Latin, Ancient Greek.Maths and further maths.Physics.Biology.Chemistry.More items…

How hard is it to get into a Russell Group university?

In summary, it may be more difficult to get into Russell Group Universities because of the high volume of applications and high entry requirements. However, this is also true of any other university that is popular among applicants and it may vary from course to course.

What is the easiest uni to get into?

Based on the percentage of students who apply to each university and receive an offer, these are the easiest universities to get into:Royal Holloway, University of London (86.5%)University of Kent (86.5%)Lancaster University (86.1%)Northumbria University (85.5%)Solent University (85.5%)More items…•

Is the Russell group like the Ivy League?

The Russell Group is the equivalent of the American Ivy League of prestigious universities. It is a self-selected body representing Britain’s foremost research-led universities, has its own executive committee, effectively a policy steering group, and is advertising for a chief executive.